I am from one of the poorest countries in Africa

I am 21 years old and come from Niger. Niger is one of the poorest countries in Africa. It is very dry there and hot. The people live under very bad conditions. There is no good education, not enough food and not enough medicine. Most people in my home country work as farmers. I attended primary school in Niger and lived there with my family. My parents died very early, so I had to live with my uncle. He treated me very badly, so I left my homeland. In Germany I am doing an apprenticeship in gastronomy. My wish is to complete my education successfully and then to continue my education if God wants me to.

Storyteller’s name: Anonymous
Interviewer’s name: Sarah El Desoke
Country of origin: Niger
Sex: m
Age: 21

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: refugees, asylum, a million stories, niger, germany