I would like to move to Spain

Hello! I am Nora and I am 17 years old. I came from Iraqi – Kurdistan with my family one year and six months ago. My family consists of my parents, my nine brothers and my sister. From Kurdistan, we went to Turkey and from there we came to Greece. In the beginning, we stayed at a camp near the Turkish-Greek borders for one month and after that, we came to Skaramagas Refugee Centre for one year. Now, we are staying for almost six months in “Victoria” place with all my family. Until now, I have not been to school but after Ramadan, I will go. My dad registered me and my siblings to a school, with the help of an NGO. I would like to be an English teacher for high school children. In the future, I would like to move to Spain, specifically to Barcelona. I really like Spanish songs and culture. For two months, I was working as a volunteer in a Spanish NGO that is near my house. Sometimes, I was helping as a translator and some other times I was helping with the kids in that place. I liked it a lot!

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