I’m Avin

Avin Yazdanian was born on February 18,1994 in Mahabad in East-ern Kurdistan (Iran). She fled from Iran in 2015.

As a person you have a lot of problems. As a girl its more. The people can have economic, social, political and religious problems. We have a lot of poor people. They work hard but they cannot supply their family or fulfill their life. Some days they have nothing to eat. The children work too. It is a social problem too. As a girl you don’t have a right to have the life you’d like to. You must live for the other people. You cannot be yourself. The society and the regime decided for you. Also islam. A lot of things can be said, but you cannot decide for yourself. You only earn half of what a man earns when at work. You cannot have a boyfriend, wear clothes as you like, you cannot travel alone.  The most important problem in Iran is religious and political, because the government can kill you. You cannot change your religion. If your family is muslim, you be muslim, and if you are Christian, its harder than being atheist. In some cases when people ask you what your religion is or what you believe in, they have the right to kill you if you are not muslim. Propaganda is used much to make sure you understand that islam is the only choice. If you don’t believe in the regime, the Islamic republic, they have the right to kill you. I’m a kurd (spell) and by that I cannot participate in anything. I cannot be elected to be president or anything like it. I can say that you can just breathe in Iran. That’s the only thing you don’t need permission for. I have a religious and political problem. People and government threaten me because im an atheist and work with some party. It’s the reason that I left my country and my family. Its so hard for me to leave them because I love my family. I left without saying goodbye. My mother is still crying.

Now in Denmark I feel comfortable because I can be myself without the threat from the government or people, and always when I tell my story about the limitations for girls, they always wonder. I’m so happy for being here, because the people here have my opinion, and I can decide what to do for myself.

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