All people deserve a chance

Enas Ajaj is 39 years old and from Ghouta, Syria.

I have been in Denmark since august 2015. Before the war I had a very good life. My husband and I had a nice house, my husband had a good job, and a car. For eight years I worked as a school teacher. We had good neighbours, a good family and were very happy. In the weekends we would take trips.
When the war started I was very afraid of what was going to happen. Continue reading “All people deserve a chance”

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I’m not going back to Syria

Razan is a 33 year old woman. Razan is from Syria, but now living in Central Sweden.

I was a math teachers back home in Syrian and it was good life. Everything was ok. But women’s rights were a problem. I felt I had no rights as a woman.
But then I fled to Sweden during the war. It’s a good place for children and women. I like it there.

I work as a mathematics teacher for children aged between 13 and 15. I live in a small with maybe 500 people. Everyone is nice.
I’m staying long term in Sweden. I’m not going back to Syria.

Dublin Core: Language: en Subject: a million stories, syria, denmark, sweden, teacher, refugee