“From Libya to Italy”

I have drawn my friend who is from Syria. He is 30 years old and fled from Syria because of the war. He decided to fly to Sweden. The trip began to Turkey by airplane. Then he traveled to Libya. He fled a rubber boat from Libya to Italy. The boat flight took two days and was very tough. He took the bus from Italy to Austria, since Germany, Denmark and finally Sweden.

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Dublin Core: Language: sv Subject: asylum, refugees, A Million Stories, Sweden

“This person was important for me”

My name is Ahmad and I am from Homs in Syria, 33 years old and came to Sweden in 2015. I painted a house in Syria, I walked beside this house everyday in Homs. It was a person who looked at me and I looked at this person every day. I did not know that I will not see this person from the window for one day. This person was important for me. I miss you.

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Dublin Core: Language: swe Subject: asylum, refugees, Sweden, A Million Stories