“They grabbed us and put us in a cell”

My name is Reza and I’m from Afghanistan, from Laghman.

There were many difficulties and problems in the area in I lived in. The Taliban had the power so we were afraid of our lives and therefore, two years ago, I had to flee to Iran. At the beginning, I thought Iran was a nice country and I could stay but after a while, I realized it was not easy to live there. In Iran, I had no ID cards and no residence permit so if the police had arrested me, they had sent me back to Afghanistan. Therefore, I decided to flee to Europé.

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Dublin Core: Language: swe Subject: Refugees, asylum, Sweden, A Million Stories

“My dream was to go to school”

My name is Kobra and is 38 years old. I was born in a religious family who was very fanatic about his religion.
My dream was to go to school and get started studying and getting to learn to write and to read. But it was not common in my family that a girl should educate herself. But my mother was a strong woman so she helped me without my dad noticing it and neither my relatives.

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Dublin Core: Language: swe Subject: asylum, refugees, Sweden, A Million Stories