When my daughter was five days old, they destroyed my house

Asmaa Omar is 31 years old, palestinean from Syria.
My father is from Palestine, and I am from Ghouta. I came to Denmark in 2014. I finished university and worked as a Arabic teacher. When I was 23 years old I got married. I was getting ready to take my masters degree. I wanted to write about the impact of religion on civilization. But, I couldn’t write it, since the war started. I was in an explotion and couldn’t use my head for a year. Continue reading “When my daughter was five days old, they destroyed my house”

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Nour fled to Denmark in 2014

Nour-Aldeen Alayoubi, 60 year old man, Jerusalem, Palestina.

Abstract: I came to kbh sept 14/2014 by plane. I was with my daughter and brother, and go to police. – Lets begin new life. We went from Syria, to turkey, to Greece, and bougt plane ticket illegally.   Continue reading “Nour fled to Denmark in 2014”

Dublin Core: Language: En Subject: A Million Stories, refugee, familyreunification, Syria, Jerusalem, Palestine, Denmark,