“I like cooking”

My name is Mustafa and I’m 32 years old. I started my journey from Syria to Turkey and then to Chios. My family stayed in Turkey because we did not have enough money to travel all together. I had two kids but unfortunately, the one died 15 days after his birth. Yesterday, the 26th of February my wife gave birth to a boy. Continue reading ““I like cooking””

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“I hope they have a chance in Europe”

Ονομάζομαι Abo Amin. Είμαι από τη Συρία. Είμαι 52 ετών. Έχω πτυχίο στη στατιστική και μέχρι πολύ πρόσφατα εργαζόμουν σε διάφορους τομείς. Έχω εργαστεί στον τομέα των εκτυπώσεων για περίπου 15 χρόνια.

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