Freedom is very important to me

My homeland is very beautiful, has many sights and many names: e. g. Alhadba or Umalrabinen or Nenau. My homeland has beautiful nature and the nature is celebrated every spring. Many people from different religions live in my homeland, so there are different religious houses: e. g. a church, or a mosque or Hussainiya, Ialisch. Continue reading “Freedom is very important to me”

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“My goal of leaving the country was to create a future for my children”

My name is Ghenia and I come from the city of Basra in southern Iraq.

In Iraq, I lived a boring, inward life. In my home country there were no rules for the woman, we were just at home. I lived in this way: I took care of the children and the house. I thought that the country would change for the better after the government changed, but I did not notice any change. My economy got worse and the market became more expensive in the country.

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