My story

My name is Jamal, I am 26 years old and come from a city called Sinjar, in Iraq. In summer 2014 the Islamic state occupied many cities, this was the last phase of my Abitur. The political mood was very heated, we lived right in the middle of it. Despite the situation I graduated from high school, I had to postpone one subject because the pressure was too high. The Kurdish army withdrew when ISIS moved in, they did not protect us. The families tried to defend themselves, they only managed to a certain extent, they did not have enough weapons to fight ISIS. Many people were murdered. ISIS owned the weapons of the Iraqi army, they were much stronger than the others. Continue reading “My story”

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I want to live

My name is Khawla, I am 31 years old and come from Iraq. I am Yazidi. In Iraq very few Yezidis live, we lived in a small area, for us it was a very beautiful area. My village was Shangal, I had many friends there, people who loved me. I worked as a seamstress and had my own shop, I loved my work. My friends always came to the shop with clothes, they just wanted to talk, I sewed their things and we talked. We had the same language, the same faith. There is no place for Yezidis in Iraq, that is a big problem. Continue reading “I want to live”

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The truth without fear

My name is Rabia, I am 19 years old and come from Iraq from a city called Sinjar. At the moment I live with my brother and sister in Cologne Godorf, Germany. My homeland Iraq was once a beautiful country, today it is no longer as it once was. It’s war and death. Poverty is widespread everywhere in the country. The people of Iraq are very sad.

Peace has left the country, there are rules, but they do not fit the people or the nation. The situation in Iraq is not good. Continue reading “The truth without fear”

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: refugees, asylum, Germany, Iraq, a million stories