I only wanted to do good

I come from Iran, the political situation there is very difficult. I worked for 10 years as a nurse in a hospital and handed out the Bible in the hospital to give people hope. I wanted to help the people, that caused me big problems in Iran. Hospital staff watched me during distribution, they wanted to arrest me. Continue reading “I only wanted to do good”

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“My family was happy to know that I was still alive”

My name is Farhad, I’m 18 years old and I come from Afghanistan.
I had a very difficult life in Iran, because I did not have a residence permit there. When I was 14 I was quite tall and the police had there Eyes on me. I was’nt alowed to attend school and I could not play with other children.

Continue reading ““My family was happy to know that I was still alive””

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If you choose to be Christian, they call you ‘ertedad’

Davoud Lajmiri is a 30 year old man, from Iran.

I have a bachelor in architecture, and had my own business in Iran. I worked and studied. I was 28 years when I left the country. I was Christian in Iran. When in Iran, there is no choice, everyone has to join the army. When I was in the army, I used to go to the secret hidden Christian church, that was outside the army facility. We couldn’t practice our faith openly. The regime found out about it. Someone who was in the army was also working for the regime, and they told people from the government about me. The government officers hacked into my phone and found some Christian scriptures. That is why I left the country. Continue reading “If you choose to be Christian, they call you ‘ertedad’”

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