I was alone in Saudi Arabia

Rayah Alshaar is 36 years old and from Hama, Syria.

I came to Denmark on june 16th 2016. I live in Kirke Hyllinge with my husband and five children.

Before the war my life was very beautiful. When I was a baby, many years ago on February 28th, Hafez Al Assad and his soldiers came to our house, and all houses in my hometown of Hama, and killed all males over the age of 16. I lost my father and five uncles. The soldiers kicked open our door at 4AM, and murdered my father in front of my mother, me and my sisters. The reason was that Hama was the centre of a beginning of a revolution against the regime, against Hafez Al Assad, the father of Bashar Al Assad. My mother took care of me and my sisters my whole childhood. I got married when I was 18. It was a beautiful day. Eight months later I gave birth to my first child. A son. I now have five children. I had cesarean sections with all of them. Continue reading “I was alone in Saudi Arabia”

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Rimas drawing

Rima is 4 year old and from Hama, Syria.
I live in Kirke Hyllinge with my family. I came to Denmark in june 2016. I have drawn the Syrian flag.

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My name is Hakam and I am from Hamaa in Syria. I left Syria in early 2012 hoping to do something in Tunisia, but unfortunately, I did not manage to find work in Tunisia because their rules are difficult and life was tough.

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The journey

I had to join the army, so I left Syria from Hama to Idlib. From there, I paid 1200 euros to go to Turkey. I went to Turkey with a group of 35 people. We were walking twelve hours from Idlib to Turkey and then we all got in a small bus. Then, the Turkish authorities caught us, took pictures of us, they recorded our personal data and they sent us back to Syria. Continue reading “The journey”

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