“There is always something missing”

Poetry of Soraya:

When you emigrate

When you emigrate, you leave your roots in your home country
The foreigners sit down like a tick in your throat
and reminds you in time and time that you are a stranger
It does not matter if you are new or old in the new country
There is always something missing, some, some
Something has been lost on the way …

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“Life was hard”

My name is Pedram and I come from Iran.
I’m 27 years old. I have been in Sweden for 13 months. I am married and at the moment I study SFI. In Iran, I lived with my family and friends. I was fine because I lived in a small town. The economy and unemployment were no problem. I had a good situation in Iran. I studied electrical engineering at the university.

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“I am safe in Greece”

I am Fateme Hussain Zade. I am from Herat, Afghanistan. I was nine years old when we left Afghanistan and came to Iran. I was married to an Iranian man and God gave me five children. At first, Iran was a very good place to stay but then, they did not keep my children at the school. They told us “You must go back to your country or stay in the camp”. In my country, the war was going on, they were fighting and they did not allow us to work legally. Continue reading ““I am safe in Greece””

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