“My goal of leaving the country was to create a future for my children”

My name is Ghenia and I come from the city of Basra in southern Iraq.

In Iraq, I lived a boring, inward life. In my home country there were no rules for the woman, we were just at home. I lived in this way: I took care of the children and the house. I thought that the country would change for the better after the government changed, but I did not notice any change. My economy got worse and the market became more expensive in the country.

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Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq

Abwbaker Sobhani, 26 year old man, fled from Kurdistan, Iran to Denmark.

My parents are originally from Iran, but I was born in Iraq.

In 1981 when the war between Iran and Iraq started, it was the war between Saddam and Khomeini, the first Islamic leader of Iran. Continue reading “Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq”

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I’m Avin

Avin Yazdanian was born on February 18,1994 in Mahabad in East-ern Kurdistan (Iran). She fled from Iran in 2015.

As a person you have a lot of problems. As a girl its more. The people can have economic, social, political and religious problems. We have a lot of poor people. They work hard but they cannot supply their family or fulfill their life. Some days they have nothing to eat. The children work too. It is a social problem too. Continue reading “I’m Avin”

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