I promised myself that I didn’t want to take any welfare money

Amed Alah is 34 years old and from Daraa, Syria

I came to Denmark in 2015. I work at a restaurant, Pipers Hus and café Satchmo, in Roskilde.

I was born in Kuwait, but I’ve lived all my life in Daraa, Syria. I finished my education in a Syrian school. I was very clever at school, but I couldn’t continue, because I got married, when I was 20 years old. In Syria I worked at a kindergarten nursery, taking care of the kids. When I had my first child, I stopped working. Continue reading “I promised myself that I didn’t want to take any welfare money”

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Denmark feels like my second home

Almqdad is 26 years old and from Hama, near Homs, Syria.

I came to Denmark on November 30th 2015 and was granted residence permit in 2016. I just finished language school and will begin school at AVU.

I was born in a small town in Syria. Went to school for 12 years and then studied psychology at the university of Damascus. In 2012 I was sent to prison by Assads regime because I attended a demonstration agains Assad. When I came back out I couldn’t go back to the university again because they had removed me from the list of students of the university. Continue reading “Denmark feels like my second home”

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This is my story


Mayada Salem is 15 years old and from Syria.

I have seven sisters. My life was good because I lived in my own country, and I had relatives. I could find somebody to visit. My father travelled (fled from Syria), and made family reunification. I came here by plane, because my father could bring my mother and my sisters. But there was a mistake in the papers. Because of that, there are still two of my sisters in Damascus. Now they are above 18 years old, and cannot make family reunification, because of that. And there is a big problem between my mother and my father about the situation with my two sisters in Damascus, because they are in danger. Continue reading “This is my story”

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I am not a refugee, I am a migrant

Odai Al Zoubi is 37 years old

I came to Denmark in january 2016. Before I came to Denmark, I lived in London for 6 years where I studied philosophy. My life in Denmark was very hard. I studies in language at the language school, and the teacher was very helpful. Unfortunately I don’t go there anymore because I have so much to do. I can’t speak Danish, just English. Continue reading “I am not a refugee, I am a migrant”

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Gasan is not happy in Denmark

Gasan Salem is from Damascus, Syria.

My life in Damascus was excellent. I had job, and my life was very, very, very good. It’s no problem.

I escaped because I was afraid for myself and my kids. In 2014 I escaped from Damascus. I reached Denmark in May 2014. In Damascus I heard that in Denmark I would find good life, and everything I wanted. But when I reached Denmark, this is not the truth. Continue reading “Gasan is not happy in Denmark”

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I will work very hard to fulfill my dream

Aya is 16 years old and from Damascus, Syria

I came to Denmark in 2014 together with my father.

When we escaped from the war we went to Turkey to be with my father. All the family  were on vacation at my father. When the family went back to Syria, I stayed with him. 25 days later we started traveling towards Europe. We sailed to Italy, it took 10 days. In Italy we came to a hotel where we stayed for a week. Continue reading “I will work very hard to fulfill my dream”

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