“You can still see the marks from the rope on my arm”

My name is Mona from Baghdad and I am 27 years old. Mother to two children. I live in Malmo, recently two years ago.
I was born in Baghdad. My dad was a communist and he raised me and my 4 siblings in a different way from the tradition in Iraq. The woman has her rights and lives in her own way. I grew up with these thoughts from my dad. But when I got older, my thoughts broke with the society in Baghdad.

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There’s peace here, and its quiet

Fathieh Fares is 17 years old, from Damascus, Syria
I came to Denmark in 2015. In Syria I went to school, 9th grade. I lived a normal life before the war. I went to school, had family. Every year during vacation we went to Tartus by the sea. That is a very nice place. I was 11 years old when the war started. Continue reading “There’s peace here, and its quiet”

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Yaras drawing

Yara is 7 years old and from Syria. She drew much of love for us in her drawing.

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