“You can still see the marks from the rope on my arm”

My name is Mona from Baghdad and I am 27 years old. Mother to two children. I live in Malmo, recently two years ago.
I was born in Baghdad. My dad was a communist and he raised me and my 4 siblings in a different way from the tradition in Iraq. The woman has her rights and lives in her own way. I grew up with these thoughts from my dad. But when I got older, my thoughts broke with the society in Baghdad.

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There’s peace here, and its quiet

Fathieh Fares is 17 years old, from Damascus, Syria
I came to Denmark in 2015. In Syria I went to school, 9th grade. I lived a normal life before the war. I went to school, had family. Every year during vacation we went to Tartus by the sea. That is a very nice place. I was 11 years old when the war started. Continue reading “There’s peace here, and its quiet”

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Yaras drawing

Yara is 7 years old and from Syria. She drew much of love for us in her drawing.

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Omars smartphone

Omars smartphone is his only contact with his home country.

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This is my story


Mayada Salem is 15 years old and from Syria.

I have seven sisters. My life was good because I lived in my own country, and I had relatives. I could find somebody to visit. My father travelled (fled from Syria), and made family reunification. I came here by plane, because my father could bring my mother and my sisters. But there was a mistake in the papers. Because of that, there are still two of my sisters in Damascus. Now they are above 18 years old, and cannot make family reunification, because of that. And there is a big problem between my mother and my father about the situation with my two sisters in Damascus, because they are in danger. Continue reading “This is my story”

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