We are all humans!

We are all humans! We led a normal life and we had many thoughts for the future. When I was in Afghanistan, I worked as an engineer.
In Afghanistan, the situation was not very good due to the war and we were very sad. Sometimes we had to go somewhere else and we wondered if we will go back or not. Maybe a bomb was dropped and that would cause us death. Maybe we wouldn’t be able to go back home. My siblings were married and later I was married too. Although there was a war, I was happy because my family was close to me. Continue reading “We are all humans!”

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I was afraid to go out on the street alone

I’m 26 years old. My life in my country was a normal life, I lived with my family, I was pleased. I worked in my country as a teacher of the Persian language, I taught adults and young people. I come from the capital, from Kabul. I loved my life there but I felt insecure every time I went out. I always wanted to go home quickly, I always felt restless. Continue reading “I was afraid to go out on the street alone”

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