In search of a place of love

My name is Milad Georges, I am 27 years old and come from Syria. Before the war I went to university, I was in the third semester when the conflicts began and started to spread everywhere. I come from a city called Hassaka, in Hassaka live different peoples, a colorful place, almost like Cologne. Kurds, Arabs, Armenians, Assyrians, all nations lived together. A place of diversity.

We have not seen the kind of destruction that the people of Homs, Aleppo or Damascus have seen. In our town, conscription was a big problem. Every boy over 14 had to go to the military, carry a gun and kill without a specific target. I was still a student and very active in aid organisations. I didn’t want to be a soldier and kill people, neither for myself nor for my siblings. I didn’t want to kill someone I don’t know for a reason I don’t know. Continue reading “In search of a place of love”

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Velvet-soft thorns

My name is Majid, I am 23 years old and come from Qamishli, Syria. My village is located at the border between Syria and Iraq, many different peoples live there, with different languages. It is a beautiful village, people helped each other in difficult times. I was one of the Kurds in the village, our people suffered problems in the past, which still shapes us today. When the conflicts arrived in our village, we were afraid, afraid that the past would happen again. We had a good life, loved and respected each other. Continue reading “Velvet-soft thorns”

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Without knowing me

My name is Ahmad Baroud, I am 20 years old, originally I come from Gaza, but was born in Syria. My parents didn’t live in Palestine for long, they always went there for visits. My grandfather lived there, he had fields, property, before the place was occupied by Israel. We had a house, today we have nothing left. Everything my parents had was taken from them. So they moved to Syria and started a new life. Continue reading “Without knowing me”

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The story of survival

My name is Amro Nasani, I am 22 years old and come from Syria. I come from a middle-class family, like most Syrian people. We’re four boys in the family.

My grandfather was a very respected commander of the Syrian Air Force, unfortunately he was suspended from his position when Hafez al Assad became in charge. My grandfather had a huge influence, which the former president did not like. He was suspended from one day to the next, without justification, from his profession and placed under house arrest. A man in his position was taken everything, he became very ill and died motionless in his bed. Continue reading “The story of survival”

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