Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq

Abwbaker Sobhani, 26 year old man, fled from Kurdistan, Iran to Denmark.

My parents are originally from Iran, but I was born in Iraq.

In 1981 when the war between Iran and Iraq started, it was the war between Saddam and Khomeini, the first Islamic leader of Iran. Continue reading “Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq”

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Elham likes to help other children

Elham Allham is 14 years old, and fled from Damascus, Syria to Denmark in 2016.

I go to Danish school in the 7th grade. In my free time I work at the local swimming pool as a trainer for the children. They wrote about me in the paper in Frederikssund, because I’m very active. I also work as a volunteer with the scouts, and help the children there too. Continue reading “Elham likes to help other children”

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Murhafs home in Syria

Murhaf is a 7 year old boy from Syria who fled to Denmark with his Family.

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Let us live in peace!

I come from a small village in the north of Syria. It is a Kurdish village that belongs to Al-Bab and is called Kubat al Shiyh. That is why I am Kurdish. I come from a political family. My father was politically involved in a trade union and in the Communist Party. My mother was a housewife. We are eight brothers and sisters. My father has always helped others with disputes etc. He studied political science in Bulgaria for one year and worked at home as a tailor and as a farmer. Continue reading “Let us live in peace!”

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