“My wife was injured and passed away two days later”

My name is Mohamad, Palestinian from the Yarmuk refugee in Damascus. We decided to leave Yarmuk when it became uncertain in the area, 90 percent of the Yarmouk population fled. I saw people die in front of me. My house was destroyed and my wife was injured and passed away two days later.

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Hope of the path

My name is Osso and I come from Hassaka, the city in North East Syria is about an hour away from Turkey. About 700,000 citizens of different nations live there. Kurds, Arabs, Armenians. There are many religions represented in Hassaka, Hassaka is a colorful city almost like a small Syria. I love it very much, my little town.

Before I came here, I lived there with my parents and my siblings. I always miss my old life, we were a community, we lived together, ate together, cooked together. It was much nicer for me than it is today. Continue reading “Hope of the path”

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I immediately started to learn German

I’m Mohammed. I’m 19 years old. Two years ago I came to Germany because of the war in Syria.

At first I was forced to go to Turkey. After that I went back to my city (Kobani) after ISIS was gone. But I couldn’t live and study there without work. That’s why I decided to come to Germany. Continue reading “I immediately started to learn German”

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Mohammad has a very special skill

Mohammad Bader al Deen Al Mozeek is 50 years old, from Damascus, Syria.

I came to Denmark in august 2015, with my oldest daughter. I have 5 girls and a boy. We lived in Sønderborg for 8 months, and then we moved to Hillerød. I came from the old Town of Damascus. Damascus is a beautiful city, we have an old river that is about 10000 years old. I had my own company, but got a job in Saudi Arabia, as a projectleader. Continue reading “Mohammad has a very special skill”

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