Gasan is not happy in Denmark

Gasan Salem is from Damascus, Syria.

My life in Damascus was excellent. I had job, and my life was very, very, very good. It’s no problem.

I escaped because I was afraid for myself and my kids. In 2014 I escaped from Damascus. I reached Denmark in May 2014. In Damascus I heard that in Denmark I would find good life, and everything I wanted. But when I reached Denmark, this is not the truth. Continue reading “Gasan is not happy in Denmark”

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I will work very hard to fulfill my dream

Aya is 16 years old and from Damascus, Syria

I came to Denmark in 2014 together with my father.

When we escaped from the war we went to Turkey to be with my father. All the family  were on vacation at my father. When the family went back to Syria, I stayed with him. 25 days later we started traveling towards Europe. We sailed to Italy, it took 10 days. In Italy we came to a hotel where we stayed for a week. Continue reading “I will work very hard to fulfill my dream”

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Adam is a successful business owner

Adam Beauty is 30 years old, Kurdish from Qamishly.

I have been here in Denmark for five years. Before that I was in Syria, and I was very successful at school. I studied economy at Aleppo university, and then I travelled to Dubai and Qatar, where I worked in fashion. After that I went back to Syria, but the war started, so I escaped to Europe, to Denmark. I reached Denmark in 2012. Continue reading “Adam is a successful business owner”

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Abdullah study international law

Abdullah Alsmaeel is a 42 year old man from Syria

I am from Der-alzour in Syria where I worked as a coordinator at UNDP, United Nations Development Programme. Within this programme I worked to create jobs for internal refugees. I have a masters degree in law. I came to Denmark in 2015, and I live in Aarhus with my wife and three children. Continue reading “Abdullah study international law”

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Ayaa loves taekwondo

Ayaa al Mozeek is 14 years old and from Syria.

I love to draw and go to gymnastics and taekwondo, where I have the yellow belt. I came to Denmark in 2016, on September 29th. I live with my mother, father and 4 sisters.

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Turfas dresses

Turfa fled from Iraq to Denmark with her family

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