Alaa startede et nyt liv i Danmark

Alaa Zouki er 32 år, fra Damaskus Syrien. Bor i dag i Holbæk.

Jeg havde et spændende og godt liv i Syrien. Jeg er uddannet filminstruktør og arbejdede med medier, dubbing til film og tv. Jeg gik på universitetet i Damaskus. Hvis man kommer fra den rette familie eller har den rette forbindelse, så kan man komme på universitetet der, ellers er det svært at få en videregående uddannelse. Continue reading “Alaa startede et nyt liv i Danmark”

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Mahmouds long way to Denmark

Mahmoud Baha-Aldein Alayoubi (30), man. from Palestine, Syria

I went to school in Syria until 5th class. I didn not finish school, father has school in Damascus, and I went to help him there at the factory. He went shopping for everything they needed at the factory. It’s a factory of uniforms and jackets. I escaped from Syria because of the war, I went to Aleppo in illegal way, across the border. Continue reading “Mahmouds long way to Denmark”

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Ola wants her lawschool degree

Ola Safrani, 22 year old woman, from Syria.

I studied lawschool in Lattaqia university. I am from Hamman, in the middle of Syria. During the war, I escaped in 2015 with my family to Germany, I escaped with my mother and brother, but I still have two sisters and my father in Syria. Continue reading “Ola wants her lawschool degree”

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Nbila: Family comes first!

Nbila Salal, 60 year old woman. Syria, Palestine

I have 3 boys and 1 girl, I am a housewife, I waited for three years for family reunification. First time I got a rejection, I wasn’t allowed to go to Denmark, although my 16 year old daughter was in Denmark. Continue reading “Nbila: Family comes first!”

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Nour fled to Denmark in 2014

Nour-Aldeen Alayoubi, 60 year old man, Jerusalem, Palestina.

Abstract: I came to kbh sept 14/2014 by plane. I was with my daughter and brother, and go to police. – Lets begin new life. We went from Syria, to turkey, to Greece, and bougt plane ticket illegally.   Continue reading “Nour fled to Denmark in 2014”

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Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq

Abwbaker Sobhani, 26 year old man, fled from Kurdistan, Iran to Denmark.

My parents are originally from Iran, but I was born in Iraq.

In 1981 when the war between Iran and Iraq started, it was the war between Saddam and Khomeini, the first Islamic leader of Iran. Continue reading “Abwbaker was a courier in Iran and Iraq”

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