A Million Stories enables refugees to tell the stories of their experiences and encounters over the life of their migration: what their life was like in their home country and why they felt it necessary to leave; how they travelled and what happened to them on their journey in the places they passed through; and what life has been like since they arrived in the country in which they remain or intend to settle.


You want to include our stories in your cultural heritage archive?

If you’re a public archive or cultural heritage institution and think that A Million Stories should be made accessible through your platform or archived in your database, then we might agree.  We can share the data with you, but we assume that your organisation has the required technical skills to put them to use. There are two ways to get your hand on the content: Use the website’s open API (read more: https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_APIs) or request an XML export from us.
Please contact us here if you would like to cooperate:   melanieh@roskilde.dk

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