My wife and our eleven children

I am Falah and I am 48 years old. When I was one year old, I lost my dad. I grew up only with my mother. After that, I went to school. I went to school for about five years and then I stopped because we were a very poor family. I tried to help my mother and I started to work in a cement factory. I started working when I was 15 years old. I worked there for twenty years and after that, I married my wife Jamila. Those days in Mossoul, Iraq, were safe. We left Iraq for a better future for my kids. My kids since they opened their eyes, the only thing they have seen is the war. When we left Iraq, the route was very difficult for us because we did not have much money. We came by ourselves, without smugglers’ help. We spent money only on the car to take us to the borders. The police in the borders of Greece caught six families on the road, but we were very lucky. They said that only our family will pass and they rejected the other five families. We thank God that we are in a safe place, in Greece and not in Turkey. Turkish people have many problems with us, Kurdish people.
We have been in Greece for one year and six months, but we got the first rejection five months ago and we asked for a second interview. We are waiting for the day. I know that Greece rejected us in the first interview but at least I am here with all my family. My wife and our eleven children. The government gave us a house for free, which is much better than that in Iraq. We are only waiting for Greece to accept us and we do not have any other issues. Recently, with the help of an NGO, I registered all my children to school. I am very happy about it.

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