I will be graduating next year

Malaka Kweider is 21 years old, and is from Damascus, Syria.

Before the war, I was in the 10th grade. Life was very beautiful, without any problems. Our life was very normal before the war. During the war, our life was very stressful. I was afraid of everything. There was no safe places. Even the short 7-minute walk to school was impossible for me to walk alone. In 2014 we decided to escape from Damascus. On the 1st of March 2015, we arrived in Denmark, at Copenhagen central station. We were moved to many different refugee camps before we were granted a residence permit. We reached Aarhus in July 2015.
In Denmark I study the Danish language, and my social worker put me in high school to learn more Danish. Unfortunately I am not very good friends with the Danish language.  After that they put me I Langkjær gymnasium to study on the English course for international students. The course takes three years, and I only have one year left, so I will be graduating next year. I have become very tired of these studies. I am looking very much forward to wear the graduation hat! When I have finished this course I will go on to study psychology and criminology.

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