A sweet thing that happened in the midst of all the difficulties

Deala is a 37 year old woman from Damascus, Syria.

I finished school after 9th grade and didn’t continue. I married after that and became a housewife. I love this life and to be a homemaker. I got my first girl after one year and I now have four children. Three of them I got in Syria and the fourth I got here in Denmark.
When I first got to Denmark, they told me that I was pregnant, and I felt very happy. It was like a sweet thing that happened in the midst of all the difficulties, and I felt that this made it easier for me to begin a new life here.
I started language school and had a one-year break from it when I got my baby. Then I continued with the language school and also with internship.
I’m very happy here. I am one of the people who would not like to go back to Syria. Everything is good here, and my girl for example is studying in an international high school.

I would like to finish my studies in the language school and to speak good Danish. Then I would also like to study in the technical college. My dream is to help my husband out in his sweet shop and extend the business. Maybe I will open a new section in the shop with special and beautiful cakes, for example cakes for weddings and birthdays.

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