I wish to continue my studies to become an electrician

Kussai Nema is 24 years old and came to Denmark from Damascus, Syria.

Before the war, I was studying and working. I was studying in high school, and working in a bar. I liked making ‘latte art’ on the cappuccinos. My life was acceptable before the war. I escaped from Syria in the beginning of the war, in 2013, because I feared for my life. I escaped to Malaysia, and lived there for 6 months. However, I could not find suitable work. From there I travelled to Algeria, where I stayed for 2 years. From Algeria, I went to Libya, where I found a smuggler. He took my brother and me to Italy on a small boat. From Italy, I went to Denmark.
When I arrived in Denmark, they sent me to a camp in Helsingør. Then we moved to another camp in Haderslev, in another part of the country. Then we went to Toftlund, and finally to the municipality of Nyborg. In Nyborg I studied in language school, and graduated after 9 months. After that, I found work in a supermarket called Netto, where I still work now. In the beginning, I had 30 km to work from where I lived. I had to wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning to be on time. I drove to work on my scooter.
One day I had three accidents because of the snow, and once because I hit an animal. After the last accident, they moved me to a Netto in Odense, which is closer to my home.
I wish to continue my studies to become an electrician.
I would like to send a message to the politicians, to give better opportunities to the refugees, and to stop generalizing.

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