I love to play football

Anonymous. 11 years old, and came to Denmark from Damascus, Syria.

I was in the 1st grade in school when we lived in Syria. Me and my family came to Denmark in 2015 because of the war in Syria. I had a beautiful life in Syria.
In Denmark, first we lived in the camp Sandholm, and then we moved to Aarhus. I began in a school in something called multi class to learn the Danish language. I was one year in this class and then I came to a normal class. I am now in the 4th grade. I love to play football. When I came to Denmark, I didn’t know how to play it well. Three years ago a neighbor helped me to arrange starting in a football team. After some time I changed team to be on the same team as my classmates in school. Now I became good at playing.
In the summer we play outside two days a week, and in the winter we play inside one day a week, and we also have matches against other teams.
My dream is to become an actor.
Sometimes in the weekends, it can be a little boring, but sometimes we arrange something fun, and for example go on a trip. Sometimes in the weekends, I help my father in the sweet shop, and I like to learn from him in the shop. I also help him with learning Danish.
In the weekdays I go to school and I made a schedule, so that for example each day between 3 and 4 o clock I do my homework. Then I have one hour break and then I can continue. I like doing homework most of the time, but sometimes I get tired of it.
My favorite subject in school is swimming, eventhough I’m not as good as my classmates at it. They have been swimming since they were small kids.
I’m happy. Denmark is a good country, and I think it is nice that the people who needs help in Denmark they are welcome to get it.

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