What if the doctor doesn’t understand me?

Shiyar Ahmad, 26 years old, Kurd from Kobani

I had a good life before the war. I worked with metal, welding iron and steel, and I worked laying pipes into the ground. Things like sewage pipes.
I studies in Syria up until the 9th grade. I then travelled to Libya and worked there with my father with metal. There were not that many jobs in Kobani, so I spent 6 months working in Libya and 6 months in Syria. I have also been married twice now and have a child.

We escaped the war from Syria, to Lybia and then to Italy and then Denmark. Life in Denmark is not easy. I had a job in a kitchen but now I am unemployed. There are many laws that are prejudiced against refugees. For example, we cannot get a translator if we are at the hospital. What if the doctor doesn’t understand me?

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