I started a football club in Copenhagen

Diyar Dersem, 33, From Syria and then Lebanon.

I was in school up until highs school and then started working with embroidery machines. I had to come to Denmark because of problems I had due to my political views. I travelled via Turkey, Greece, Italy, Germany and came to Denmark by train.I still work with embroidery machines. There’s not so much work in that branch in Denmark. There is more of it in Turkey  and Asia.

I am happy living in Denmark and Copenhagen. A lot of Syrians have come in the last years and I have a larger network and know more people. 3 years ago I started a football club in Copenhagen called FC Berati. We play in Serie 5 in Copenhagen. We have players from many different countries like Syria, Lebanon, Mauritania and Denmark. I am coach but also play in defence.

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