I have changed my life completely

Mahad Khudari, 20 years old, originally from Homs, Syria.

I am only 20, but I think I have a unique story with lots of experience. I was born in Homs and went to school there. I studied till the 6th grade, but had to leave school to get married. I got my first baby when I was 14. I got married so early that it took away my sense of happiness in life.Six months after my first baby was born, I had baby nr.2 at the age of 15. Then war started and my husband left me and my 2 children to come to Denmark. I escaped to Jordan and was alone there with kids. It was very hard and a profound psychological impact on me.

I then got family reunification in Denmark, but me and my husband quickly found out we were not right for each other. He was very nasty to my children and me. It was tough. My husband didn’ realize that I outgrew him. He started hitting me and then I went to the police to file a complaint about him.

The municipality and the police helped me and I moved away from him. I got a divorce. I also got some psychological help. But I’ve changed so much. My hair, my style, my looks , my life. My children are now living  with my ex-husband.
I live alone now and I’m learning Danish. My dream was once to be a model but now that dream is gone. But now I want to study very hard and maybe, I can become a doctor one day.

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