Hope for the future

Girl, 14 years old, from West Kurdistan, (Iran).

I arrived in Denmark in late 2015 with my family, and before we ended up in Copenhagen, in the temporary housing where we are living now, we spent almost a year on several asylum centres. However, it was in Copenhagen that I started playing football and it was in November last year, and for me my team is just the best team in the world. Football is about teamwork: I have a lot of fun when I play, I get to improve my language, I have made a lot of friends with different backgrounds and it is a good way to become an integrated part of the Danish society.I watch football with my brother every or every second day in his room and sometimes in my father’s room. In Iran I watched a lot of football on television and my favourite team is a team from Teheran that is called Perspolis and it is really good. Sometimes I play Playstation with my brother and my father and it is always fun to play with them.

My coach is really nice. She herself has played on the Danish national team and she has trained one of the girls who is now on the national team: She always speaks highly about my talent and has said that I probably could be a professional player one day.

I like school and my favourite subjects are math, physics, biology and geography, and my grades in math are some of the best in my class, and I am a bit proud of that. It is really a subject that I like, and I would like to use it for something if it is not possible for me to be a professional player.

I am an optimist when it comes to my future, because I am happy to be in Denmark and I think that there are many exciting possibilities for me here regarding career and jobs. But I do not think much about finding a man and get married and have children.

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