Football is life

Girl, 11 years old, from West Kurdistan, (Iran)

I have been in Denmark since late 2015. First I was sent together with my parents and siblings to an asylum centre in the southern part of the country, and after that to the northern part of the country to Gilleleje, which was a really good place; there was a great beach, where I would go in the summer. At that point I was not getting interested in football yet, so I spent a lot of my time looking at my ipad and bicycling with my sister, brother and father. During this period I got a lot of friends at the language school.Later I was sent with my family to Kalundborg, and compared to my earlier experiences with asylum centres, it was not the best place to be. However, my father met one of his old friends from Iran, who really enjoyed singing patriotic songs from Kurdistan, so he sang and sang and particularly my youngest brother, who was not even a year old back then, would always sit and listen attentively to all the different songs.

After Kalundborg we went to live in Copenhagen in a temporary housing after we had gotten our permanent residence permit. It was also here in the capital that I began to attend a normal school, and in my class there are quite a few of the students who are immigrants. I am a follower of the Kurdish religion yarsan, where everybody has to fast for 3 days each year.

In November last year I started together with my sister to play football on a female football team, and we train twice a week; on Mondays and Wednesdays. One of our friends from the school is also playing on the same team and everybody on the team knows each other and get along well. I play the position as forward, and what I do is actually passing the ball to the striker who scores the goal. When I am not playing football, I like to dance and to do gymnastics. My sister tells me that I sleep all the time, but I think that it is just because I am growing a lot right now.

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