Every time they change a rule it just gets worse and worse

Young woman, from Syria.

I have been in Denmark since October 2015. I arrived with my parents and brothers and a sister in bus from Germany, and first we went to Sandholm and after that to Sønderborg where we lived for 1 year and I went to language school.

At the centre in Sønderborg I also made activities and food for the kids, and I also went bicycling; once I went with a group of women on bicycle to Esbjerg and it took us 4 hours. Every New Year we arranged a party with food and cake. I also helped other women improve their language skills, and during weekends I would often go to H&M and do some shopping. It was also at this centre that I together with the rest of my family got our permanent residence permit and moved to Copenhagen to a temporary housing, where we lived for 8 months before I got an apartment with one of my sisters and one of my brothers.

I really like my apartment. It is located on the 3rd floor: There is a kitchen and a shower, and sofas and a small balcony, and I have a room and on one of my walls I have a poster with a female singer from Italy, and there is a big window, so I can look at the street. My other brothers live together in their apartment with the wife and 4 children of one of them, and my parents have an apartment. Sometimes we go and visit them and have dinner.

When we finish language school we would like to open a café that is run by the family, where we make food and people can come and eat and smoke water pipe and where we have parties with music and dance. It would just be so nice. I actually also have a dream of one day becoming a hairdresser and cut and dye other women´s hair.

However, I feel that we as refugees are having a hard time, because the rules change all the time, and every time they have changed a rule it just gets worse and worse. One example is my friend, who is from Palestine and who lived in Lebanon before he came to Denmark 3 years ago. But he now has to leave Denmark and he is waiting in one of the centres for the police to get him.

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