I lost my husband

My name is Amal and I come from Syria. When we came here we were happy. I have three children, all are married. We came to Germany because of the war in Syria.I suffered a lot in Germany, my husband got chest pains one day, we didn’t know why. We went to the cardiologist, he was examined and got medication. The doctors always said something different, his veins were closed, he had to undergo surgery. Without an operation he would die, the doctors told him.

My daughter, who had been living in Germany for a long time, looked at us and understood everything. We convinced him to do the operation. It was always postponed, it was terrible for us. I couldn’t speak the language and didn’t understand what the doctors were saying. Finally he got a bypass and had to stay in intensive care for a while. My husband, he looked very bad, I had never seen him like that.

One week after the operation he got pain again, we were told they had forgotten metal in my husband’s body. He became thinner and thinner, yet he was still so young, he was only 59 years old. The pain did not stop, his neck began to hurt. We went back to the hospital. In the hospital they gave him a injection, after this injection our whole life changed.

He lost his mind, forgot how to get home, he got lost on the way from the hospital, we had to look for him everywhere. When we found him, he didn’t know where he was. All that, after that injection in the hospital. The pain became more and more intense, one morning my husband screamed in the morning in all the pain. We took him to the hospital. He had a cerebral hemorrhage, so that’ s why he was so confused.

He stayed in the hospital again, for quite a while. My husband was put into an artificial coma, he got two more brain hemorrhages. The war is to blame for the fact that I lost my husband. We want to sue the hospital now.

Storyteller’s name:  Amal
Interviewer’s name: Sarah El Desoke
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: f
Age: –

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