Thank you to Roskilde Hospital

Ressala Almafalaani is a 40 year old woman from Daraa, Syria. Photograph of her hand drawn Opposition flag of Syria in o drev

I have an inherited a disease/condition which means that I have lost 7 children. It’s genetic and due to a lot of members of my family getting married between them. Inbreeding you could call it.
I take care of my children and keep the home clean. During the war I was very afraid due to the constant bombings and bombardments during the siege of Daraa. After the siege, there were shortages of food, water, electricity and medicine. Assad cut everything off for everyone. We had to cut trees to warm ourselves in the winter. Conditions were horrible and we got very ill. I was in the hospital due to this.

For years, we lived like this. The school was destroyed by rockets and it had to close. In 2016 I got family reunification with my husband who had gotten asylum here in Denmark.
I got pregnant while I was here. I came to Roskilde hospital and was checked. They really helped me with my condition and making sure that my children had not inherited my disease. They did lots of checks on me and my son is very healthy. Thank you to Roskilde Hospital!

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