My restaurant was destroyed

Abdul Karim Almafalaani is 43 years old and came to Denmark from from Libya. Originally from Syria.

I have worked in restaurants as a cook and I have also worked in construction afterwards, delivering construction materials.
I lived in Libya where I worked as a cook and learnt about Libyan traditional food as well as about Tunisian food. I ended up having my own restaurant there. But then the civil war in Libya started and I had to flee Libya in 2014. My restaurant was destroyed.

I fled to Europe after that because it was too dangerous in Libya and Syria too (where my family was). So living in Syria wasn’t possible either. I fled via Italy and Germany in a closed van. I arrived in Sandhold camp and was sent from there to Avnstrup and now got permission to live here in Roskilde.
The life is not so good now. I have problems learning the language and as a result it’s hard to get a job. The Danish job market is very closed.

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