Karin, my Danish aunt

Girl, 15 years old, Kurd, Syria

I arrived in Denmark with my family in 2016. I came with my parents and 6 siblings and first we went to live as refugees in a small house that was located in a place called Nykøbing Mors. And after having lived there for some months, we moved to Copenhagen to another temporary housing, where we were sharing facilities such as kitchen and shower with a group of other refugees. It was also in this housing that I met Karin, whom I now consider to be my ”Danish aunt”, and she is not only an aunt to me, but to my entire family. Karin first came to visit us and then we went to see her and to have some food in her apartment. This year on my birthday in June, she arranged a girls´ day out for me, my sister and my mother, so we went to have lunch at a restaurant where we had ice cream for dessert, and we also went to buy a dress for me in one of the big shops in the city.

I go to school every day. I go to a ”modtagerklasse” and I leave my house around 7 in the morning, because I get there by foot with my sister, and we do not get home until 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon. The school is not the best school, and the teaching that I am receiving is not really improving my Danish language skills, because we keep learning the same basic words, and it is just the same words over and over again. But they say that I have to continue in that class for another year, because I need to get better at speaking Danish. When I get older and have to choose a career, I would like to be a teacher myself, or perhaps a doctor.

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