One of my biggest dreams it to be really good at football

Boy, 9 years old, Kurd, Syria.

I have been in Denmark since early 2016, and until my family and I got our own apartment in Copenhagen we lived in several refugee centres, where I made good friends with whom I would play games like tag and hide-and-seek. It would be just like the games we played in Syria.

A lot of people have told me that I am good at speaking Danish. I like the language and I had a teacher, who always was very helpful. And so every time I would hear someone say something in Danish that I did not understand, I would ask him: What does it mean? What does it mean? And      he would always take his time to explain the meaning of the words to me and that was how I learned to speak myself: So now I speak Danish and Kurdish.

It was when my family got our apartment that I began to get interested in playing football. I had a friend at school who played football, and I asked my friend’s father if I could join my friend when he was practising with his team and he said it was ok. I started on a team with 11 players, but now I have shifted to another one that is better and I am one of the youngest one on the team: We practice      twice a week and 2 hours each time, Tuesday and Thursday.

One of my biggest dreams it to be really good at football.

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