I’m learning German and working as a janitor

Majdeddin Ahmed is a 31 year old man from Idib, Syria. He now lives in Germany.

I live a beautiful life in Europe. I’m from Syria. In 1998 I moved to Kuwait and in 2005 I moved back to Syria. I studied in a university to be an Arabic teacher, but because of the war, I couldn’t get a certificate. During the war I left to Lebanon and then Turkey and then Greece. And from there to Germany since 2015.
I’m learning German and working as a janitor. I’m in training as an electro-mechanic. They did not accept my certificate as an electro-mechanic I got in Kuwait in Germany, and now have to do it again.
In Germany everything is ok. No regular job, it’s a job with wage subsidy from the state, but it’s ok. I’m doing well.

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