I go to school every day together with my sister

Girl, 14 years old, Kurd, Syria.

I came to Denmark in early 2016 with my parents and my sisters and brothers, and first we lived in the countryside in our own house. It was a very nice house, because it was nice and peaceful as I did not have to share my kitchen with anybody else except my family. But then we moved to Copenhagen to another temporary housing with shared facilities and a lot of other refugees around, and it was just very different from what we had been used to.

We then moved to our own apartment. My parents, though, are divorced now and they each have an     apartment; one lives in one part of the city, one lives in another part of the city. And so I live with        my mother, but I am also often with my father. My oldest brother did not come with us to Denmark: He is 21 years old and is therefore considered to be an adult, so it is very difficult for him to be allowed to come to Denmark. I can hear that he is sad, when I speak with him on the phone.

I go to school every day together with my sister. Sometimes after school we go to the youth club, and as it is located near our apartment it is ok. My mother had an internship, but right now she goes to the language school during the week and she returns to our home tired in the afternoon. My father works a lot, so he is also busy. When I get older and have to make a living, I would like to be a hairdresser or a make-up artist. I like cats and dogs.


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