It was like a miracle

I come from Damascus. Everything in Damascus is beautiful. The air – everything.

I left my country of origin on 13.12.2015 and arrived in Germany on 28.12.2015. I fled the war. My husband and I are divorced. He fled before I did with the children. I was supposed to follow six months later, but there were many problems. One day I could no longer stay, I decided to flee within three days. It was like a miracle, I don’t know where I got the money or how I made it, but here I am today.

I take a German course, my teacher is so great that for the first time I think I can pass the B1 exam. We lost hope of it before, but my teacher Dieter teaches with all his heart.

Storyteller’s name: Amal
Interviewer’s name: Sarah El Desoke
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: f
Age: 34

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: refugees, asylum, a million stories, germany, syria