I worked on a music album

My hometown is at the Caspian Sea in the north of Iran. It is called Roudar. The people in my hometown speak Persian.

A year and a half ago I left my country of origin for political reasons. I am a poet and I write poems. When I was in Iran, I worked with Shahin Najafi on a music album. The album is called Radikal. I wrote two poems and I sent them to Shahin. They are called “Dahani jevide az farjad” and “Alleh”. I couldn’t stay in Iran after the album because I protested against the Koran, Islam and the regime.

For the future I would like to attend a B2 course and a C1 course because I want to study art at the university. I also wrote a book of poems in Persian and hope that someone will translate this book into German.

Storyteller’s name: Mazdak
Interviewer’s name: Sarah El Desoke
Country of origin: Iran
Sex: m
Age: 28

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: refugees, asylum, a million stories, germany, iran