I immediately started to learn German

I’m Mohammed. I’m 19 years old. Two years ago I came to Germany because of the war in Syria.

At first I was forced to go to Turkey. After that I went back to my city (Kobani) after ISIS was gone. But I couldn’t live and study there without work. That’s why I decided to come to Germany.

First I went to Turkey, then I drove with a boat from Turkey to Greece. Then I walked to Macedonia, from there I took the train to Bulgaria. And then I came to Germany by truck.

And here in Germany I immediately started to learn German so that I could integrate myself better into society and also so that I could continue my studies.

Storyteller’s name: Mohammed
Interviewer’s name: Sarah Dudek
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: m
Age: 19

Dublin Core: Language: de Subject: asylum, refugees, a million stories, germany, syria