Mohammad has a very special skill

Mohammad Bader al Deen Al Mozeek is 50 years old, from Damascus, Syria.

I came to Denmark in august 2015, with my oldest daughter. I have 5 girls and a boy. We lived in Sønderborg for 8 months, and then we moved to Hillerød. I came from the old Town of Damascus. Damascus is a beautiful city, we have an old river that is about 10000 years old. I had my own company, but got a job in Saudi Arabia, as a projectleader.
In Denmark I found a job with delivering newspapers, but after 7 months I had an accident. It was very cold and I fell twice because it was slippery. I had a slip disc and now I need to take medicine.

In Damascus, when I was about 10 years old, I went to a teacher who taught me a traditional ancient Syrian artform. An artform where you sing and play at religious events. It is a very special artform that only 10 people in Syria know about, and you have to study at the university of music there to learn it.

In Saudi Arabia I got a problem with my boss. He wanted me to help Hizbollah financially. He wanted to take money from my salary, and I wouldn’t agree on that. Its about the conflict between shia an sunni muslims. My boss was shia, like Assad. The shia muslims wanted to start a conflict with the sunni muslims. Assad took control of Syria and wanted to take all the riches in Syria for himself, and he didn’t care about the population in Syria. He claimed there is a conflict between sunni and shia. He wanted shia muslims in Saudi Arabia and other countries to support Hizbollas conflict against sunni muslims, but I couldn’t be a part of that. I would not support that they could buy weapons to fight my own people. Because of that I could not stay in Saudi Arabia or go back to Syria.
When I came to Denmark I applied for family reunification to get my children here, get them to safety. I hope to get a job again, and recover from the slip disc. My son also delivers newspapers, and he works as a a translator too. My wife want a job, when her internship is over.

I wanted to go to Sweden, but now Im happy to be here. I have many good friends, I say hello to my neighbours, and they say hello to me. My mood isn’t that good because I cant work right now. But, my son Osama gives me a reason to smile, because I can teach him my skills the same way a teacher taught me when I was young.

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