I am not a refugee, I am a migrant

Odai Al Zoubi is 37 years old

I came to Denmark in january 2016. Before I came to Denmark, I lived in London for 6 years where I studied philosophy. My life in Denmark was very hard. I studies in language at the language school, and the teacher was very helpful. Unfortunately I don’t go there anymore because I have so much to do. I can’t speak Danish, just English. I got married with a Danish girl, when I was in England, but we decided to live in Turkey.

Our life in Turkey was very hard, because we had problems getting our marriage registered. Because of that we moved back to Denmark. I found the life very difficult here in Denmark. Now I am a famous writer of short stories such as Alsamat.

What I found most difficult about living in Denmark is the language and the weather. Also if you need to get in touch with any officials or help with anything at the municipality, I feel like I get treated in a very bad way. It is like they look down on me. I am not a refugee, I am a migrant. I thought that if I was not a refugee I would be treated better.

I am also sad that the war is still going on in Syria. My wish while being in Denmark is to see all of the beautiful places I have heard about. I hope I will also have enough time to write many short stories, because I have a lot in my head that I want to tell.

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