Abdullah study international law

Abdullah Alsmaeel is a 42 year old man from Syria

I am from Der-alzour in Syria where I worked as a coordinator at UNDP, United Nations Development Programme. Within this programme I worked to create jobs for internal refugees. I have a masters degree in law. I came to Denmark in 2015, and I live in Aarhus with my wife and three children.

Here in Denmark I have started my own project where I work voluntarily. The project has three objectives. The first is to make the refugees feel welcome. The second one is to help them get volunteer work, and the third is to help them integrate themselves in a good way.

I am also studying at Aarhus university where I am specializing in international law.

Denmark is a very beautiful country. I do all this volunteer work and studies because I want as many experiences as possible for when I return to my home country, Syria.

The biggest difficulties that I have found In Denmark are the language and that I cannot do the same job at the same position that I did in Syria.

My biggest wish for the future is to obtain comprehensive peace for all of Syria.

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