Nour tried to reunite with her father

Nour Dalati is a 30 year old woman from Aleppo, Syria

I want to tell the story about what happened to me in the Danish airport. I didn’t want to stay here. I wanted to go to my father in The Netherlands. But the Danish police caught me and took my fingerprints. They threatened me, that if I wound not give them my fingerprints, they would put me in prison for two month, and then send me back to Greece.

In Syria I worked as a nurse in a dentist office. I came to Denmark in 2014. In Denmark I attend language school. But I went on maternity leave because I got pregnant and had a baby girl. From the beginning of 2018 I’ll go to language school and internship.


I started to make new friends and new family here in Denmark and got to know my best friend called Aill. Through my best friend I got to know my new husband Ayhan. Together we make a new life and I became pregnant . Now I have a new baby called Sham. She change my life completely to the better. But every time there is a new decision in Denmark about the refugee I get afraid about my life and the future for my daughter.

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