“There is always something missing”

Poetry of Soraya:

When you emigrate

When you emigrate, you leave your roots in your home country
The foreigners sit down like a tick in your throat
and reminds you in time and time that you are a stranger
It does not matter if you are new or old in the new country
There is always something missing, some, some
Something has been lost on the way …

When you emigrate, the smallest can give you a lump in your throat
The world is becoming black for your eyes
The illusion that no human is as alone as you grab yours

As a refugee, you have many reasons to cry. Unemployment, poverty, loneliness,
As a refugee you become dumb, deaf, tame
The distance to yourself increases
You become antirasist

A Million Stories Sweden: Nizar Keblawi, Nina Olsson, Sara Sarabi, Malin Gillberg, Daniel Björklund, Mats Nordström.

A Million Stories Sweden volunteers: Fariborz Ghadir, Mohamad Mohsin, Yazan Saad, Tarek Aloudallah, Dalia Saleem, Yara Ali, Ahmad Younes, Chaimae Hamri.

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