“He is the only family I have”

My name is Roshna. The situation with my family back in Iraq is difficult. I am married and I am in Greece eight months now. Four years ago I went to Iran. From Turkey, I went to Kos island, where I stayed just for three days. When I came to Skaramagas camp, I had to pay two hundred euros for a room. I asked DRC for a room but they told me I was not eligible, so I had to pay other people to get a room.
Back in Iraq, I was not working and I do not have children. My husband lives in Sweden for eight years now and he has legal documents so he could visit me. He had asked the Swedish authorities for a reunification, but his request was rejected and he was told that his wife had to stay in Greece.
My father told my husband before leaving for Sweden, that if he left without me, the marriage would end but I told my father that I love him and I do not want to divorce him. I had many problems with my family but in the end, they accepted it.
I decided to leave and now my parents do not know where I am. I am just waiting for the reunification with my husband. I am not registered as a refugee and I do not have money. My husband is sending me money when needed. I have a family here in Skaramagas camp for company but I want to be with my husband. He is the only family I have.
I cannot speak any other languages, just a little bit English. If I need something here, I have only the friendly family to turn to. I do not want anything else but my husband.
I want to ask the Swedish authorities to accept my reunification request. I once tried to leave secretly but they arrested me at the airport and I stayed forty days in prison.

Storyteller’s name: Roshna
Interviewer’s name: Anxhela Dani
Country of origin: Syria
Sex: F
Age: 27

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